"Having a business which allows us the opportunity to serve the community by providing people with trusted, biblically-based resources and products that help individuals to know, love and serve God - what a blessing!"

Gerry: Starting a church supply business was not what I dreamed of doing when I was growing up in small town Saskatchewan. I left home with the idea of getting a University education. I realized quickly that University was not for me and so began my career as a printer. University is where I met Lisa, so it was tuition money well spent!

Lisa: Gerry and I met through Newman Sounds at St Thomas More College I have to admit that, during those University years, there was also a fair bit of time spent playing Bridge and Kaiser. In spite of this, I completed my Education degree at the University of Saskatchewan with a major in English and a minor in Religious Studies. I taught for a few years - two in high schools in Saskatchewan and two as a Teen-Aid teacher. Gerry and I were married in 1985, and over the next 10 years we were blessed with four children - two boys, a girl and another boy. I was a stay at home mom and loved spending the time with my children.

Gerry: In 1987, Lisa and I started our own printing business with another couple. We ran the business for 10 years but it was a struggle for us as a family because it kept me away from home a great deal of the time. Around 1994, Lisa's Uncle and Aunt (Len and Sandra Stang, owners of Universal Church Supplies in Edmonton), approached us about the possibility of opening a church supply store as customers from Saskatchewan had been discussing with them about the need for this type of store in Saskatoon.

Lisa: About the same time, our pastor came for supper. In the course of conversation, not knowing of our discussion with Len and Sandra, he suggested that we consider opening a Catholic store in Saskatoon. Wow! We felt like we were being called to provide this service to our community but we did not know how this would affect our family. It was exciting and scary at the same time. After prayerful consideration, we committed to the idea. It was a good fit - we both had an understanding of Catholicism, as we had been raised in the faith, and had been active in our faith communities for most of our lives. We believed that our interest in matters of faith as well as our backgrounds in business and education would help us to build a business that would meet the needs of the Catholic/Christian community in Saskatoon and area. Even though we did not have the capital needed to really consider such a business proposal, with assistance from our family (for which we are very grateful!), the store became a reality.

Gerry: In September, 1997 we opened our doors. I worked full time and Lisa part time. By 2005, our location no longer suited our needs and in September of that year we expanded to our present location at 437 Second Avenue North. Currently, including Lisa and I, there are four team members ready to assist you.

Gerry and Lisa: Over the years we have been blessed with the support of family. Our children were able to be a part of the business as they were growing up and now our grandchildren and friends and family can stop in and visit us at the store. We are grateful for the mentorship that Len and Sandra have provided. We continue our close working relationship with Curtis, their son, the present owner of Universal Church Supplies in Edmonton. It has been very rewarding to watch the store grow and become what it is today.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to serving you in the future.

God's peace and joy to all!

Gerry and Lisa