Awe and Wonder – Grades 1 to 3


Mariette Martineau

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Science is an active exploration to understand and appreciate our world. As Catholics, we explore and understand our world through both faith and science. The heart of this resource is awe and wonder at the world of beauty we are immersed in to deepen our relationship with God, one another, and our world.

In this engaging resource – written by an educator for educators – you will find over 100 science learning ideas approached through a faith lens. The activities are connected to the science curriculum, as best as possible, from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario, the provinces with publicly funded Catholic schools.

The book is divided into five main sections:

1. An Inspired Framework: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

2. Understanding Life Systems: Kinship with Creation

3. God’s Creativity: Matter and Energy

4. Human Creativity: Structures and Machines

5. God’s Grandeur

This hands-on resources is simple to use and will launch solid conversations and explorations around faith and science with grade 1 to 3 students. Through walks in nature to exploring animal diversity, energy, structures, weather and much more, students will delve into science while learning how their faith shines a light on the power and beauty of God’s world.