Intentional Catholic Family


Creating Your Growth Plan for a Purpose-Filled Year

Author: Julianne Will

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Catholic families today are busy. And not just busy, but B.U.S.Y.! There’s so much to be done. School, sports, shows, recitals, doctor appointments, grocery shopping, bills, jobs, Sunday Mass. All the things! Time to ponder and plan? Are you kidding?!

Intentional Catholic Family is the resource your family has been searching for to help you get more intentional about your faith and reorient your family’s life around what matters most. Beginning with a mission, vision, and goals, and providing a year’s worth of Catholic education and practical inspiration, this book provides families of all shapes, sizes, and kinds with the relevant resources and the roadmap to go do it – to live out your faith according to the unique gifts God has given your family!

Weekly exercises, easily completed around the dinner table on a Sunday evening, keep families on track and provide inspiration all year long. Not only does this book help families foster their Catholic identity, it assists parents and children in shaping a unique family identity.

Intentional Catholic Family is #goals. This book is designed to meet families where they are and to support them in building the awareness, habits, and experiences that, over time, can change lives. This approach should engage every family member and offers the best kind of belonging – to be a loved and valued part of a family with a clear identity and necessary role in the world.