Soul Brothers


Men in the Bible Speak to Men Today

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In Soul Brothers Richard Rohr reads the accounts of men in the Bible with an eye to their inner dynamics as they search for and are sought by God. There is Abraham, a man caught in a matrix of violence who has the audacity and faith to challenge the very notion of divine violence. Then Moses, who leads his people into the wilderness, and also models an inner journey toward wholeness. Meet David, who fulfills the classic archetypes of king, warrior, psalmist and sinner, whose ultimate aim is love. There are portraits as well as heralds and prophets, apostles and disciples: Isaiah, John the Baptist, Peter, Paul, Timothy, John,  Joseph, Elijah, and of course Jesus.

In introducing us anew to these figures Richard Rohr offers a gift of rediscovering the image of God that is within each of us, now.