Theology of Style: Expressing the Unique and Unrepeatable You


Your personal style reflects who you are—an extraordinary creation, beautifully designed by God.

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Every outfit we choose holds the power to express our unique personality and identity as cherished children of God. This truth goes beyond mere clothing; personal style is a divine expression of our unrepeatable identity, reflecting the fact that we are made in God’s image.

In Theology of Style: Expressing the Unique and Unrepeatable You, author Lillian Fallon draws from her experience in the fashion industry to delve deep into the profound truth that what we wear is far more than just fabric on our bodies—it is a radiant statement of our unrepeatable identity, a tangible expression of being made in the image of our Creator.

A speaker and writer on the intersection of personal style and faith, Lillian Fallon guides readers on a transformative journey to recognize and celebrate the power of personal style to help us know our value as unique and unrepeatable daughters of God.