When Anxiety Roars


Partnering with Your Child to Tame Worry and Anxiety

Author: Jean Holthaus, LISW, LMSW

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Today’s children and teenagers are anxious about many things. In addition to the stressors common to any generation–family issues, financial instability, pressure to perform in school or sports–these young people also worry about gun violence, social justice, the state of their divided nation, the fate of a warming planet, and much more. The last thing we want is for the young people in our lives to struggling with anxiety in ways that inhibit their ability to function and enjoy life

For parents, teachers, counselors, and youth leaders longing to love the young people in their lives well, When Anxiety Roars helps you understand how anxiety affects a child’s body, mind, behavior, thoughts, and feelings. Then it offers specific practical steps you can take together to tame that anxiety, as well as coping skills to help children live more confidently today and into the future.

Don’t let anxiety have the final word. Discover how you can tame worry and anxiety–together.